First Recharge Rewards On Rummy Glee

We have often observed that when we create an account on online gaming platforms or online rummy apps, there are some exciting gifts and rewards that are offered by these platforms. Rummy Glee, one of the most popular and trusted online rummy platforms also offers great rewards to its users. Whenever a user makes the first recharge or first deposit on Rummy Glee, the platform adds additional benefits to the user in form of a cash bonus and cash reward.

According to Rummy Glee’s latest offer when a new user registers for the first time and makes a recharge of 100+ an additional bonus gets credited to the user’s account automatically before 00:30 of the next day.

First Recharge Rewards On Rummy Glee

Recharge Rewards by Rummy Glee

Rummy Glee is a premium website and gaming platform that offers great rewards to its users. To make the gaming experience better, Rummy Glee time and again carry various contests to engage the users and also offers a bonus on the first recharge to new users.

For example when a user makes the first recharge of Rs. 100+ then he (she) gets the added bonus of Rs. 8 and on Rs. 500+ the bonus will be increased to Rs. 18. As the recharge value gets higher the bonus amount also increases.

First Recharge Amount Bonus Application Method
100+ 8 No need to apply, automatic gift
500+ 18
1000+ 38
2000+ 68
5000+ 128
10000+ 388
30000+ 888
50000+ 1888
100000+ 3888
300000+ 8888

These recharge bonuses are for new users only, and when they recharge for the very first time. But that doesn’t mean that there are no further offers or bonuses available. As you continue playing online rummy on Rummy Glee, you will find out there are many more exciting offers and deals available that make the online rummy game a popular game among many.

What makes Rummy Glee better than others?

There are plenty of websites and platforms that allow users to play online rummy but there are only a few that have gained the trust of their users. Rummy Glee is one such platform that has millions of happy users and numbers are increasing rapidly. The primary reason for the growth and popularity of Rummy Glee is the ease of use of this platform. The high-speed apk is safe and secure from any kind of malware and virus. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your money as we use high-security payment gateways.

Rummy Glee also provides an option of instant funds withdrawal so that you can withdraw money from your account at any time.

To play online rummy, you just need to download the rummy glee apk and create an account. Make sure you provide the correct information while creating your account. It will help you to make instant deposits and withdrawals.