Rummy Glee: Dragon Tiger Bonus

Play Dragon Vs Tiger to win a big bonus. It is one of the most favorite online games across the world. Asian players enjoy and play this game a lot. One massive reason for the popularity of this game is the chance of earning great cash rewards. With very basic and simple rules it’s understood why this game is gaining more and more players with each passing day. It’s not required that you need to be a pro to play the game. All that is needed is your quick decision making ability and some decent skills.

As we know the Dragon Vs Tiger is an online card game which is played between different opponents. The possibility of high winning chances and exciting prizes in the game is one good reason for its immense popularity. As it’s a fast-paced game it’s all about making the right choice. All you have to do is make a guess and place your bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. By following very simple rules and with an effortless game-play you can win huge money.

Dragon Tiger Bonus

Though the game is very simple it’s still needed that you understand the game, how the cards are being dealt and how to place the bets. The Dragon Vs Tiger game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Without excluding the wildcards and jokers the game is played with 6 or 8 decks in a shoe.

The players then place their bets either on the Dragon or on the Tiger. The dealer then draws one card each to both the sides. The highest card determines the result irrespective of the suit. In case if there is a tie in the game between both the players then the dealer deals a card of the proportional value for both the positions – players lose 50% of their bet on either Dragon or Tiger. In the Dragon Tiger game, Aces are ranked as the lowest, rest of the cards follow their natural value. The King holds the highest value in the game.

Dragon Tiger Bonus

Total Recharge Bet Bonus Event Requirements
500INR+ 2000 4 Dragan vs Tiger only
bets on other games
do not count
5000 11
10000 24
20000 24
30000 24
90000 24
150000 24
300000 24
500000 24
1000000 24
2000000 24
5000000 24

After the players participate in our promotional activities Dragon and Tiger fight to win the gifts. The more players stake the higher is the win bonus. At just one click you will receive your win bonus. Players also win additional bonuses. You can win bonus in the Dragon and Tiger game based on your corresponding bet and as long as your minimum recharge reaches 500 INR. Make sure you contact the customer service to claim your bonus, also note that the overdue will be invalid. Don’t waste your time while it’s about claiming your bonus.

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