Car Roulette

The trend of online rummy games and online card games has brought many other online games into the limelight. Out of all these online games, there is one game that has surely gained everyone’s attention and that is Car Roulette. The game has gained immense popularity in recent years because there are many platforms that offer Car Roulette games with cash prizes.

What is Car Roulette?

Car Roulette is a simple roulette game but it is very much similar to a car race. The interface is like where cars are racing to race tracks. Players take part as car drivers and others can place bets.

Free Roulette

There are free roulette games, where a player can place as many bets as he/she wants without worrying about losing. As it is a free roulette game and a player is playing just to hon his/her skills. Till the time a player doesn’t get enough experience or confidence to participate in cash games, he (she) should continue playing practice games.

Car Roulett for Cash

When a player feels that he or she is ready to play against other players and can win cash, he (she) can register for car roulette for cash games. Car Roulette for cash involves great rewards and cash prizes. A player can win a fortune in cash roulette games.

Where to Play Car Roulette

If you are already familiar with online games and Car Roulette games, you must be aware of different gaming platforms that offer various online games. These online games involve cash rewards and cash prizes when choosing an online game platform, one should be extra cautious about it. To avoid any fraud, make sure to choose a certified gaming platform such as Rummy Glee. Rummy Glee is a validly licensed gaming platform where you can play online games such as online rummy and Car roulette for cash without worrying about the safety and security of your funds.

Also, Rummy Glee is one such gaming platform that keeps your privacy intact. We don’t share your personal details with any third party without the consent of our customers.

Rules to Play Car Roulette

Different roulette games have different sets of rules and regulations. Before participating in online cash games of car roulette, do read and understand the rules of the game. It will help you to play fairly and earn handsome rewards.

In, Car Roulette, each player gets 20 seconds to place a bet. Choose a betting area and place your bets before time gets over. Make sure to choose the correct area for the bet, as in this car roulette there are certain areas where your bet can get doubled, in case you lose the bet you have to pay double the amount.

Payment Methods To Deposit And Withdraw For Car Roulette

You can use various payment methods to deposit and withdraw money for car roulette. Rummy Glee has safe and secure payment gateways that allow players to make deposits via bank accounts, PayTM, UPI, or with Debit or Credit cards as well.

You need to submit the correct information so that you don’t face any hurdles while depositing or withdrawing money. Sometimes players, in order to keep secrecy submit false information which can result in the termination of accounts, and they, can lose their winnings.


1. Is Car Roulette Legal in India

Car Roulette is like any other online rummy for cash game. It requires skills that can help you to win real cash games. Rummy Glee has fulfilled all the requirements needed for a successful online registration, which makes Car Roulette legal in India.

2. How can I withdraw money from my account?

To withdraw money from your online gaming account, a player needs to complete KYC documents and can directly withdraw money to their bank accounts.

3. Are roulette games authentic?

Online gaming has gained immense popularity around the world and players from all over the world actively participate in online gaming making the roulette game an authentic game. Rummy Glee is a certified registered gaming platform that offers great cash rewards and prizes while taking care of all the rules set by governments.